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MacKissic Stump Cutter

MacKissic Stump Cutter

  • Manufacturer: MacKissic Inc.
  • Model Number: CPSC

The Stump Cutter by MacKissic is compact and portable with a reversible handle bar for front or rear cutting. The Stump Cutter has an operator presence handle which will stop the cutter head in less then 3 seconds when released. The frame is a uni-body construction with a kickstand that will protect the cutter head during storage and double as a guard while in use. The engine is protected by the front bumper which also provides a strong lifting handle and tie down for transportation.

Rental Rates
  • 4 Hour
  • Day

The Stump Cutter features a patented cutter head. The cutter head is set thirty degrees off vertical to allow for smooth cutting of the stump rather then grinding the stump. The teeth are also off-set: straight, 25 degrees, and 45 degrees for the smoothest cutter available.

There is still easy access to the cutter head for quick sharpening or replacement.

The handle bars have a height adjustment to allow for differences in operators heights and size of the stump.