Grand Rental Station

Grand Rental Station of Plymouth, Indiana

Product Catalog

  • Manufacturer: Billy Goat
  • Model Number: OS901

Billy Goat’s self-propelled overseeder reduces fatigue associated with pushing and features intuitive forward and reverse operator controls. The unit is 22” wide with an exclusive 11-blade slicing reel that floats along contours of yards increasing seed to soil contact and improving germination rates. The unit comes standard with a 30 lb. seed box that is generously elevated above the turf to eliminate any clogging that may occur from moisture. 

Rental Rates
  • 4 Hour
  • Day

  • Manufacturer: Classen Manufacturing
  • SKU: 5151792
The Classen TS-20 turf seeder is a multipurpose machine for seeding a new lawn or overseeding an existing lawn. The front seed drop ensures follow-up soil coverage for better seed germination. The blades are designed with a cutting edge on both ends, which doubles blade life. Handles fold easily, for portability and storage. Classen turf seeders convert in minutes to a rake with catcher bag or vertical cutter.
Rental Rates
  • 4 Hour
  • Day
  • Week